Winds of Olympus

Apollo: The Sun God
Roman Name - Apollo

Powers: sun, healing, music, poetry, archery, prophecy, truth,

               bachelorhood, reason

Symbols: laurel tree, hawk, raven, snake, swan, wolf, lyre, bow
Parents: Zeus and Leto
Siblings: Artemis
Love Interests: Cassandra, Coronis, Daphne
Children: Asclepius, Orpheus, Phaeton, Troilus, Aristaeus
Appearance: Apollo usually appears carrying a lyre.
Throne: Apollo's throne is made of highly polished gold with magical inscriptions all over it. The back is                    shaped like a lyre. The cushion is made from python skin. Above the throne hangs a golden                          sun- disk with 21 rays shaped like arrows.
Friends: Poseidon, Dionysus
Enemies: Hera, Eros, Agamemnon

  • Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis, were born on the island of Delos which was the only place their mother was allowed to give birth to them. Hera had forbidden Leto to give birth anywhere the sun rays touched. Poseidon took pity on her and revealed a small bit of the island which had previously been covered with water. The Greek word delos means "visible". He was fed on ambrosia and nectar and was full grown in one day.
  • Daphne was a wood nymph who was loved by Apollo. She, however, did not love him in return. Eros shot an golden arrow of love into Apollo's heart which made him love her more. But, Eros shot a lead arrow at Daphne so she would reject Apollo. Apollo followed her everywhere. He chased her down the banks of the River Peneus. As he approached her, she called out for her father, a river god, to save her. He changed her into a laurel tree. From that day, Apollo would hold the laurel tree sacred and would love Daphne forever.
  • Also known as the protector of shepherds.