Winds of Olympus

Ares: God of War
Roman Name - Mars

Powers: war, violence

Symbols: dog, blood-stained spear, bronze armor, vulture,

                 wild boar
Parents: Zeus and Hera
Siblings: Eris (goddess of discord), Hephaestus
Spouse: none
Flings: Enyo, Eos, Aphrodite
Children: Deimos (god of terror), Phobos (god of fear), Eros (god of love), Hippolyte (Queen of                                      the Amazons)
Appearance: Ares usually appears dressed for battle with his helmet, shield and spear.
Throne: Ares' throne is made of brass. It is strong and ugly with huge brass knobs in the shape of                           skulls on the arms. It is in very bad taste and the cushion is made from human skin.
Friends: Hector, Hermes
Enemies: Helios, Adonis

  • Ares was tall, handsome, boastful and cruel. He also had very few, if any, manners.
  • He is a young fierce warrior who also tends to be vain and a bit of a coward when things don't go his way.
  • He is bloodthirsty and violent.
  • He is also considered the father of the Roman people.
  • He also loved Aphrodite.