Winds of Olympus

Artemis: The Moon Goddess
Roman Name - Diana

Powers: hunting, youth, pure love, childbirth, moon

Symbols: deer, hunting, hound, bear, bow, moon, silver arrows
Parents: Zeus and Leto
Siblings: Apollo, Athena
Spouse: none
Appearance: Artemis usually appears carrying bows and arrows.

                       Sometimes, she is seen with a crown that has a moon on it.
Throne: Artemis' throne is made of silver with a wolf-skin cushion.

              The back is shaped like 2 date palm trees with one on each

              side of a new moon boat.
Friends: Selene, Hippolytus, Nymphs, Chiron
Enemies: Aphrodite, Orion, Hera, Callisto, Actaeon, Niobe, Agamemnon

  • She is the twin sister of Apollo.
  • She never married. She hated the very idea of marriage.
  • She killed Orion for trying to strike up a romance with her.
  • She preferred hunting, fishing, and swimming in a moonlit mountain pond.
  • She is also the protector of animals and young women.