Winds of Olympus

Roman Name – Atlans


Powers:   holding up the sky for eternity
Symbols: bronze dome of the sky, globe
Parents:  Iapetus and Clymene
Siblings:  Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoetius
Flings:     Hesperis, Pleiune
Children: Hesperides, Pleiades, Calypso, Dione
Friends:  Heracles
Enemies: Zeus, Perseus

  • Atlas offered to help Heracles with one of his labors and then tried to trick him into holding the world forever.
  • His job is to hold up the sky on his massive shoulders.
  • He was turned into the Atlas mountains when he refused to let Perseus pass by him.
  • He is the grandfather of Hermes.
  • The weight of the sky is so heavy that Atlas' shoulders are bruised and his arms tremble.
  • God of immense strength.
  • 2nd generation Titan.