Winds of Olympus

Dionysus - God of Wine 
Roman Name - Bacchus

Powers: wine, agriculture, drama, fertility, mysticism, poetry,

               ritual dances, song, celebrations.

Symbols: ivy, vines, tiger, golden goblet, fig, grapes, leopard
Parents: Zeus and Semele
Siblings: Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Hermes, Persephone, Heracles
Spouse: Ariadne
Children: Thoas, Oenopion, Staphylus
Appearance: Dionysus usually appears carrying grapes, a cup and a thyrsus (staff). 

                       He is thought to be young with long hair.​
Throne: Dionysus' throne is made of wood which has been plated with gold. It has snakes made out of                        serpentine and horned animals made from onyx, sard, jade and carnelian carved into it. It was also                decorated with grapes made from amethyst.
Friends: Pan, satyrs, Maenads
Enemies: Hera, Titans

  • After his mother died from seeing Zeus, he was sewn into Zeus' thigh and born from there at a later time. He was raised by nymphs. While in their care, he discovered how to grow grapes and make wine.
  • A group of women known as the Maenads worshipped Dionysus. They were wild and out of control.
  • Dionysus met and married Ariadne after she was abandoned on the island of Naxos by Theseus.