Winds of Olympus

Roman Name - Aurora

Powers: dawn
Symbols: golden chariot, golden robe embroidered with flowers,

                 sparkling tiara, white wings
Parents: Hyperion and Theia
Siblings: Helios, Selene
Spouse: Astracus
Flings: Tithonus, Orion, Ares, Cephalus, Cleitus, Ganymede
Children: Boreas, Zephyrus, Notus, Eurus, Emathion, Memnon, Phosphorus
Enemies: Aphrodite, Heracles

  • Eos was cursed by Aphrodite with a longing for handsome young men. 
  • Every morning, she rises from her golden throne, opens the gates of heaven and announces the coming of the sun.​
  • 2nd generation Titan