Roman Name - Telhus or Terra

Powers: goddess of earth, personification of earth
Symbols: Earth, first mother
Parent: Chaos
Spouse: Uranus
Flings: Tartarus
Children: Cyclopes, Furies, Uranus, Pontus, Ourcas,                                           Hecatoncheires, Titans, sea gods, Gigantes,

                  Typhon, Mountains
Friends: Eros
Enemies: Cronus, Uranus

  • Gaia was born out of Chaos.
  • She is the mother or grandmother of most of the important gods or goddesses.
  • Also known as Mother Earth.
  • She bore the sky gods with Uranus
  • She bore the sea gods with Pontus
  • She bore the Gigantes with Tartarus
  • Depicted as a matronly woman, half risen from the earth. She was inseparable from her native element.

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