Roman Name – Sol


Powers: god of the sun, personification of the sun
Symbols: eagle, emerald throne, golden boat, golden chariot,

                 golden palace, halo of sun-rays, rooster, whip,

                 winged horses of fire

Parents: Hyperion and Theia
Siblings: Eos, Selene
Flings: Merope, Clymene
Children: Phaethon, Circe, Lampetia, Aietes, Heliades, Phaethusa
Friends: Demeter, Hephaestus, Apollo
Enemies: Odysseus, Zeus, Hades, Ares

  • Helios lives in a golden palace at the easternmost end of the world.
  • He drives a chariot across the sky to guide the sun.
  • At night, he sails back to his palace in a golden boat made by Hephaestus.
  • His chariot is pulled by 4 horses of fire.
  • The gods held him in high esteem.
  • He was a handsome god who was responsible for giving Daylight.
  • He was a terrible gossip. He would tell everything he saw people doing on Earth.
  • 2nd generation Titan

Winds of Olympus