Winds of Olympus

Hephaestus - God of the Forge 
Roman Name - Vulcan

Powers: fire, metal-working, forges, volcanoes, building

Symbols: anvil, axe, hammer, tongs, donkey, quail
Parents: Zeus and Hera
Siblings: Ares, Eileithyia
Spouse: Aphrodite
Appearance: Hephaestus usually appears as a crippled man carrying a hammer, tongs and an axe.
Throne: Hephaestus built all the thrones on Mt. Olympus. His was made of every different metal and precious                stone on Earth. It could swivel and the arms moved up and down. The whole throne could move                          anywhere.
Friends: Dionysus, Thetis, Eurynone
Enemies: Hera, Ares

  • Hephaestus created Pandora, the first woman on Earth. He made her out of clay.
  • He wears a golden leg brace because he is lame.
  • He was an ugly lame god.
  • His mother, Hera, thought he was ugly as a baby and threw him off of Mt. Olympus. This is the reason why he is crippled. He was saved by the Oceanids, Thetis and Eurynone. They hid him on the island of Lemnos until he was grown. Later, he made his mother a golden throne. It holds her captive whenever she sits in it and only he can release her. This is his revenge for what she did to him as a baby.