​Hermes - Messenger of the Gods  
Roman Name - Mercury

Powers: commerce, speed, travel, trade, merchants, bankers,

               thieves, fortune tellers, tricksters

Symbols: caduceus, wings, ram, rooster, shepherd's staff, lyre,

                 crane, peeled hazel stick
Parents: Zeus and Maia
Siblings: Apollo, Artemis
Spouse: none
Flings: Aphrodite, Dryope, Crocus, Penelope
Children: Pan, Autolycus, Hermaphroditus
Appearance: Hermes usually appears wearing a winged cap and sandals. He also carries a caduceus (staff).
Throne: Hermes' throne is made of solid grey rock carved from one stone. The arms are shaped like ram's                  heads and there is a goatskin cushion.
Friends: Odysseus, Hera, Perseus
Enemies: Argus, Medusa

  • Hermes was originally an ancient Arcadian god of cattle, sheep and fertility. He was born in Arcadia.
  • As an infant, he crawled out of his cradle and stole Apollo's sacred cows. He covered his tracks by walking backwards. He made the world's first lyre out of the shell of a tortoise that he killed on the way home. He hid the cattle and returned to his cradle before his mother, Maia, woke up. Zeus ordered Hermes to return the cattle to Apollo. Hermes began playing his new lyre and Apollo loved it so much that he exchanged the lyre for his sacred cows.
  • Hermes also invented the flute, pan pipe, racing, wrestling, numbers and the alphabet. He also came up with the concept of sacrifices to the gods.
  • He is the messenger of the gods as well as being the one who guides the dead to the Underworld.

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