Winds of Olympus

Moirae (Fates)
Roman Name - Parcae

Powers: spinning thread of life, assigning length of life, cutting                thread of life, determining destiny
Symbols: globe, scissors, scroll, spindle, white robes
Parents: Zeus and Themis
Siblings: Horae (The Hours)
Enemies: Apollo, Meleager, Althaea, Typhon

  • They tell the Furies who to punish.
  • They are usually depicted as ugly, old women in white robes.
  • They are the personified the inescapable destiny of men
  • The name means “parts, shares or allotted portions”
  • They were the companion of Eileithyia
  • They knew the future but would rarely reveal it.
  • They were severe, inflexible and stern.