Winds of Olympus

Roman Name: Montanus

Powers: rustic mountain spirits, the mountains of Greece
Parents: Gaia and Uranus

  • Volcano of Sicily
  • Only female Ourea
  • Goddess of Mount Etna
  • Mother of the thermal geyser gods by Zeus


  • Mountain of Thrace
  • North of Greece
  • Created by the Gigantes Athos


  • Mountain of Boiotia
  • Central Greece, region of Thespai
  • Muses were fond of this mountain
  • A source of poetic inspiration
  • Entered a singing contest with Mount Kithairon


  • Mountain of Boiotia
  • Central Greece
  • Sacred mountain to Dionysus
  • Site of the abduction of Persephone


  • Mountain of Boiotia
  • Central Greece
  • Nurse of Dionysus
  • Home of the Hyads, the rain nymphs

Olympos 1:

  • Mountain in Thessalia
  • Northern Greece
  • Home of the Olympians


Olympos 2:

  • Mountain in Phrygia
  • In Anatolia


  • Mount Athrys in Malis
  • Central Greece
  • Father of Oxylos and Hamadryas who were the parents of the Hamadryad Nymphs


  • Mountain of Boiotia and Attika
  • Central Greece


  • Anatolia
  • Judge of the musical contest between Apollon and Pan.
  • Son of Ares and Theogone