Winds of Olympus

Poseidon- God of the Seas  
Roman Name - Neptune

Powers: seas, earthquakes, lakes, freshwater springs

Symbols: dolphin, horse, trident, bull, chariot, coral palace
Parents: Cronus and Rhea
Siblings:  Zeus, Hera, Hades, Demeter, Hestia
Children: Triton, Orion, Theseus, Pegasus, Rhode, Benthesicyne,

                 Nauplius, Desponia, Arion, Ephialtes, Chrysaor, Otus, Polyphemus
Flings: Medusa, Demeter, Thetis, Aethra, Amymon, Iphimedia, Theopane, Thoosa
Appearance: Poseidon usually appears as an old, bearded man carrying a trident.
Spouse: Amphitrite
Throne: Poseidon's throne is the second largest on Olympus. It is made of grey green white streaked                       marble. It is ornamented with coral, gold and mother of pearl. The arms of the throne are                             carved into different sea beasts. The cushion is made of sealskin.
Friends: Apollo, Delphinus
Enemies: Athena, Trojans

  • Poseidon was the second most powerful god after Zeus.
  • He created the horse to give to the people of Greece.
  • Before Medusa was turned into a monster, she had an affair with Poseidon. When Perseus killed her, Pegasus sprang from her neck.
  • Poseidon disliked being less important than his brother, Zeus.
  • His undersea palace is near the island of Euboea.
  • With his trident, he could generate savage sea storms, summon sea monsters, and cause landslides and floods.
  • He answered to no one but Zeus and even Zeus couldn't always stop him before severe damage was done.
  • He could shapeshift.
  • He was also considered to be the least clever of all the gods.
  • He was a god of many conflicts.
  • He wanted the oceans to be for his creatures alone, yet Athena taught men how to build ships so they could explore the seas. This caused several problems with Athena.
  • He challenged Dionysus for possession of the island of Naxos and he lost.
  • He decided he wanted Delphi and the Oracle so he challenged Apollo for it. He lost that battle.
  • He competed with Athena for the city of Troezen and lost.
  • He challenged his brother Zeus for the love of Aegina and he lost.
  • He challenged Hera for the city of Argos and he lost that one too.
  • The cities that honored Poseidon were: Corinth, Helike, Aegae.
  • His wife, Amphitrite, was the daughter of Nereus and Doris. She was one of the Nereids. She was the leader of their chorus when Poseidon heard her singing and saw her dancing. He fell in love with her and carried her off to marry her.
  • ​He is thought to be a bad-tempered old man.