Winds of Olympus

Roman Name - Prometheus

Powers: civilization, created first humans out of clay,

                gave fire to man, human arts
Symbols: clay, fennel bulb, ring set with chunk of Mt. Caucasus
Parents: Iapetus amd Clymene (sea nymph)
Siblings: Epimetheus, Atlas, Menoetius
Spouse: Asia
Flings: Pandora, Hesione, Pyrrha, Pronoia
Children: Deucalion, Aidos
Friends: Heracles
Enemies: Zeus, eagles, vultures

  • Prometheus betrayed his family to side with Zeus in the war against the Titans.
  • His name means "forethought".
  • Because his brother, Epimetheus, didn't give man the gift of protection, he gave man fire.
  • Zeus chained him to Mt. Caucasus as punishment for giving fire to man. An eagle eats his liver as he is chained there. Every night, the liver grows back so the whole ordeal starts over.
  • Heracles killed the eagle and set Prometheus free.
  • After Heracles freed him, Zeus invited him to live on Mt. Olympus.
  • Prometheus created man from clay and water. He formed man in the likeness of the gods. Man went through several prototypes before he was satisfied.
  • 2nd generation Titan